Excellent Daughters


This is an excellent read, focusing in on the lives of women who live in the Arab world. She shares stories and experiences from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. While certainly not a comprehensive work, this is a great introduction to the lives of real women.  What I liked best about this is that Zoepf seemed to really like the people she spent time with. There was this feeling that I got that she was describing her friends. She raised important questions and reported on events, while also avoiding the demeaning voice that can sometimes come when Westerners report on the Middle East.  She is not patronizing and she allows women to speak their own truth, even when she might understand it. I left this book with a much better understanding of the complexities of women’s issues throughout the Middle East.

I highly recommend this for anyone who works with or is friends with Muslim women — no matter where they live.

For more information on this book, check out GoodReads.


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