Searching for Sunday


This is more than a book — it feels much like a conversation with a dear friend who gets me, who has been with me my whole life and knows just  the right thing to say at any given moment. She gets the love that people have for the church and how that love can coexist with horror at how the church can act at times. She understands the grief that comes from the social distancing some of her readers have taken in order to maintain their relationship with God.  She knows the pain of the deep questions.

And this book speaks to all of that.  I found this in book a lovely companion for my own faith journey.  Rachel is not afraid of the difficult questions, nor is she afraid to speak of the pain and hurt that can come from asking them.  I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to read her words in this book and will most certainly revisit it on an regular basis.

This is on my highly recommended list for refugees from the church, as well as those who are just curious about us and why we have felt so disconnected that which was once one of the defining features of our lives.

I have found my way back to church, but I am there in far more cautious manner than I once was — and this book helps to explain some of that.


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