Seeking Allah Finding Jesus


I have held on writing this for a long time because I don’t really know how to describe my feelings about this book. I want to say so much more, but perhaps that is for a second reading. For now, I need to write something before I have forgotten everything — so accept this meager token of my reading of what I believe to be a very important book. I think there is a lot we as readers can learn from conversion stories — no matter what a reader’s personal belief system is. And that Christians, Muslims, those of other faiths or even no faith can learn from the stories of others. I wanted my review to reflect that, but the words are simply not coming.

I loved the way it was written — a mixture of narrative and Christian apologetic. It feels very conversational, as though Nabeel is sitting in the room telling his readers his story. I loved the descriptions of his friendships and the way he talked about his passion for knowing God — both as a Muslim and now as a Christian. It is well-written and has a very honest feel about it. I highly recommend it to people who are curious about Christianity and Islam, or even monotheistic faith in general.


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